Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of music do you play?
We play a large variety of music like 70’s and 80’s dance, Country, Disco, Beach, Classic Rock, Classic Country, R & B and More!

How long do you play?
That depends on the type of event we are playing and, it depends on your needs. Typically, we play three 1 hour sets with a 30 minute break in between each set.
This works out to 4 hours of entertainment for your event. We can tailor our show to be shorter or longer if needed.

How much do you charge to play?
This is usually our most frequently asked question, but first we have to ask a few questions ourselves:
     1. Where is the venue/party/event?
     2. How long do we play?
     3. Do we have to provide PA, lights, etc?
All of these factors, and more go into determining what we charge for each event/venue/party.

When does the band setup?
The band’s set-up personnel arrive two hours prior to our start time. Other arrangements can be made if necessary. It typically takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to pack up at the end of the engagement.

How much space does the band need?
Different configurations of your room set-up may warrant otherwise, but we’ll present best with an area approximately 23′ across by 10′ deep. We have played in much smaller areas too.

Are the musicians that appear on your `BAND’ page the ones who will perform at my event/venue/party?
Yes. Unlike many bands, we do not use substitute musicians. The players you see on our site are the ones that play at your event. Our vocals and musical arrangements would not sound the same with anyone else. This is big distinction between Split Shot and many other bands.

Will the band provide continuous music?
Yes. During the breaks we will provide music via ipod and we’d be happy to personalize our mixes to accommodate your tastes.

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