Look back at 50 Years Pt. 1
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Hi, Chris Lee Borum here, I just turned 50. Here’s how I got here:

I was born in Greer on April 9, 1965, grew up in the 70’s and 80’s in a place that most people in the U.S. would consider “backwoods” or “redneck”.
Rural SC was a great place to grow up, simple, religious, country style living. We didn’t have cable TV until @ 1976 and then it was only about 25 channels.
I thought HBO was a miracle! Excuse me “Home Box Office” as it was known back then.

We went to Vacation Bible School in the summer. I only learned later that the “vacation” part only applied¬†the parents who sent their kids away for most of the day. I discovered music early on through my older brother Kent and older sister Kay. Kent listened to Grand Funk, Black Sabbath, The Statler Brothers, Three Dog Night, The Oak Ridge Boys, and my sister was into pop like Climax Blues Band, Leo Sayer, The Osmonds, etc. My mom and dad listened to WESC and artists like George Jones, Conway and Loretta, so, musically, I pretty much had it all….

When I turned 12 I picked up my brothers guitar that he never learned to play, I new nothing about reading music or anything. I had a friend, Charlie Mayfield, who was taking lessons from Phil’s Music in Greer and I went to him for some info. Charlie taught me my first chord….”D”, I became the master of the D chord! I could strum it, finger pick, everything. Trouble was, I needed to learn more chords if I was ever going to play in a band, get famous, get girls and earn lots of money. I signed up for lessons at Phil’s music and mom bought me my first Fender for Christmas, an original ’72 Telecaster Custom. ¬†Charlie had one that was identical, I mean exactly the same guitar! Mom bought it from a guy she worked with at Homelite, so no planning went into the purchase to buy the same guitar that Charlie had. It was really a coincidence.

Charlie formed The Ramblin’ Band with Craig Ponder, Terry Hawkins and John Fowler. They would rehearse in Charlie’s garage and I would go and listen and watch in awe as they played Waylon, Charlie Daniels and a lot of other great songs and they did them well, very well. OK, I was hooked, I HAD to be in a band….this is what I wanted to do.

Stay tuned for Part 2.

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