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We often think about our lives in terms of music. When I hear Funkytown by Lipps Inc., I’m taken back to Myrtle Beach @ 1978 with my friend Gary Laughter playing video games in the arcade. (Galaga…lol). Certain songs we remember someone we are/were in love with. Boys of Summer by Don Henley – Myrtle Beach 1985 driving home late at night down Highway 17 after leaving work at the Beachwagon with the windows down.

American Trilogy -Elvis Presley – walking through the woods behind our house with the portable 8 track, yes, 8 track tape player.

Barracuda – Heart, playing with my dog, Diablo in our back yard. Used to listen to Casey Kasem’s AT40 there as well.

One of the greatest times of my life was during my radio career, where I got to listen to music all day, go to concerts and meet some of my favorite artists! THAT was a great job!

I hope you have music that defines your life, good or bad. I have some bad ones, too. But that only means that I have lived and had adventures! – Chris Lee

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