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O’Dell recently posted a picture of an 8-track tape and asked if we remembered these.


The tape in the picture is Meatloaf: Bat Out Of Hell, my favorite album of all time. Yes, I said “album”. Kids, that what we called them back in the olden days….”albums”. Music in “album” form was not only a musical art, it was visual as well.

Bat_out_of_Hell Vinyl records collectors

I’ve listened to this album at least 500 times, seriously. I’ve owned this in almost every format, album, 8-track, cassette, CD and digital download.

There’s nothing like getting a brand new album and peeling off the plastic, looking at the cover, some were simple, others bizarre:

grand funk grand funk 2
The was Grand Funk Railroad’s Shinin’ On album, it came with 3D glasses on the front that you punched out to view the cover in 3D, IT WAS SO FREAKIN’ COOL!!!

There are liner notes on the inside, listing the band members, tracks, sometimes the session musicians and other cool stuff. Sometimes the paper sleeve containing the albums would have info on it. It truly was an art form, now lost. With the resurgence of vinyl these days, I’m hoping that the artists making these new albums consider the art and liner notes.


Many of you may not know but actor Phil Hartman. phil Was a successful graphic designer back in the 70’s before he became an actor/comedian.
172700_1_f philart3

I really miss the creativity of this lost art. – Chris


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