Paula Deen tried to kill me……
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Hey, it’s Chris Lee…’s what happened…..

A recap of last week’s events from Ninety Six, SC to Myrtle Beach to Easley, SC.

Justin Parker, the event organizer for the Town Of Ninety Six, asked us to perform 3 shows during the Festival of Stars. One on Thursday, one Friday and finally, opening for
country star Aaron Tippin on Saturday on the big stage! He put the band up at The Inn ON The Square in downtown Greenwood and let me tell you, this was a fantastic hotel.
Breakfast was included with our rooms and O’Dell and I took advantage of this! The staff and management were absolutely fantastic! We highly recommend this hotel if you’re
planning to spend any time in Greenwood, SC or the surrounding area.

Thank you Justin for a great time!

First on Thursday, we headed to Ninety Six, SC for the Street Dance downtown near the Gazebo. The weather looked ominous as we began setting up our equipment, however,
we decided to take the chance. Originally, we were supposed to set up on a “low-boy” flat bed trailer, but it wasn’t available and a regular flat bed was brought in.
We quickly realized this would not work because it was about 3.5 to 4ft tall and the set-up and tear down would have been a nightmare for us “old guys.”
We decided to set up on the pavement in front of the trailer. This worked out well but the parking lot was slanted down hill so we would be standing at an angle while playing all night….lol.
After setting up we walked around and met some of the early arrivals who had begun setting up lawn chairs for the night’s festivities. Everyone seemed excited that the Street Dances were
returning to Ninety Six after a few years of not having them. The turnout was great, over 100 people showed up. Families with small children and animals ate, danced and watched as we
played songs from our CD and a lot of great dance songs. We made the front page!
Thank you all!

After the street dance we loaded the equipment into the trailer and headed for “Just One More”, a nightclub about 3 miles down the road to set up our equipment for the next night.

Which brings us to Friday. The band Outshyne played Friday night on the big stage at The Festival Of Stars. We, Split Shot, were hosting the “After Party” at Just One More and were to begin at 9:00.
People began filing in and the crowd kept growing. Outshyne came by and a couple of the guys sat in with us. The Festival staff came by as well and we had a great time. Betty, the owner of Just One More,
worked very hard behind the bar to take care of the huge crowd.

Now onto Saturday. We arrived at the staging area for our show opening for Aaron Tippin @3:30. It was about 95 degrees and very humid. There were a couple of opening acts including Greenwood native Chris Turner who did a great job.
After Chris finished his set, we worked feverishly to change the stage over. Now, when you open for a major artist, they get to come in first, set up their equipment and do a sound check. As an opening act, we only had a few minutes to
get our equipment on stage, set up and do a very quick sound check before we began our set. Aaron’s band left us a lot of room to set up which was really nice. Some acts don’t do that!
It was blazing hot but we drank a lot of water and soldiered on. After our hour and 15 minute set, we dashed off the stage to make way for Aaron Tippin. He put on a great show and kept the crowd entertained until the fireworks display
around 9:45PM.
I would estimate about 15,000 people were in the massive crowd that gathered for the show. Thank you all!

Sunday we headed to Myrtle Beach to play the Bowery! Always a good time and again, we invited Aaron and Crystal McIntosh to perform with us! They did a great job as usual. The fun never stopped as we wound down about 1:30 AM.

Monday, we rested. ’nuff said. But here’s where Paula Deen came in…..

Becky and I went to Paula Deen’s restaurant at Broadway at The Beach on Monday. They serve southern food “family-style” which means it just keeps coming, and coming.
2 meats and 4 side with dessert. All you can eat…..and I did. And we had dessert. Then, we decided to explore the area and walk for about two miles…..not a good idea….lol.
Needless to say a nap was in my future. It may not be ALL Paula’s fault, but I put most…..some….of the blame on her!

Tuesday we were very excited to be playing in downtown Easley, SC for the Celebrate America Festival and Fireworks Show. We were scheduled to play in May and had to postpone because of the weather, so we were really
hoping to play on the 4th. But….as we approached Easley, storms were moving through the area, bad storms. But, they moved through quickly and we were able to start almost on time at 8:00. The show was fantastic and we added Doug Norwine on saxophone for the night.
He is a world class musician and performed flawlessly! Thank you Doug!
Lindsey and the Easley City staff are top notch. Thank you for your fine hospitality.

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