by on March 26, 2015 in News

You’re not gonna believe what happened at Splitshot’s practice tonight. We were quite shocked at the situation.

Apparently we all came to practice somewhat prepared and now we have a great new ballad and are working on a new “summer”
song by The Zac Brown Band. One thing this band excels at is our harmonies….not too shabby for a bunch of old guys.

Oh, don’t forget, this Saturday we are at Sandra G’s Saloon in Gaffney, then two big weeks at Wild Country Saloon in Piedmont, AND
we will be celebrating Chris Lee’s birthday the weekend of April 10-11. Not saying how old he is but, it’s the BIG one!!

Other news, Splitshot is currently exploring the possibility of  expanding our band members for certain events like Fairs , Festivals and other corporate type gigs. This will
not be a part of our nightclub gigs and will not affect the Splitshot you know and love. Stay tuned….


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