We LOVE Wild Country!
by on April 5, 2015 in News

Just finished our first week at The Wild Country Saloon in Piedmont!
Danny and Mary Gillespie are always great hosts! Friday started off
great, the band has a few new songs that we threw out and had a great
response. We learned that Saturday we would be celebrating Tim Chism’s
birthday….we were scared…however, we also heard that Christy would be
bringing her famous corn dip….YES!!!

Saturday started with a little March Madness, first game was finishing up just
before we started. Christy and friends put out a great spread of food for Tim’s
party. The band was in great form when we began our first set. Now, here’s the

A couple of weeks ago, O’Dell purchased a device which will lower your voice
a full octave specifically for the song Uptown Funk. The box has a switch on it
to activate the effect. Somehow, the unit activated itself several times during
the night!! Although O’Dell wasn’t happy about it….it WAS funny!
Sadly the same “power fluctuations” that may have triggered this, may
also have caused Scott’s amplifier to blow up! Me, I’m thinking “evil

The night was saved when Scott began using my amp and we finished another
successful night at The Wild Country Saloon! Thank you all for coming out
and remember, we will return this coming weekend!!

Somebody will be celebrating his 50th birthday……

Thanks again, we love doing what we do! – Chris

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